CAD Drafting Services

We convert paper drawings into high precision, dimensionally accurate AutoCAD files. Paper to CAD conversion can be done on Site Plans, Floor plans, Exterior Elevations, Roof plans, Foundation Plans, Electrical Plans, HVAC etc.

Our team comprises of Engineers, Architects and Draftsmen who have wide experience across various industry verticals and are familiar with codes of practice globally. We can seamlessly put together your data and sketches to give you accurate final drawings. We not only convert, but also add value by pointing out errors and correcting them whenever needed. We ensure quality not just from a conversion standpoint but also from an operational and functional perspective. By outsourcing CAD conversions to MagsPearl, you can benefit greatly from our extensive experience in designing floor plans, creating elevations and electrical HVAC layout designs. Our CAD Conversion Services will deliver value to you.

 Advantages of outsourcing Paper to CAD Conversion

  1. Engineering Document Management and Product Data Entry systems can be employed to archive and manage CAD drawings systematically
  2. Reduced retrieval and print time of the electronic files
  3. Improved information flow via email and other means
  4. High quality drawings with accuracy in dimensions
  5. Lesser chance of damage or data loss